Data Privacy Statement Theater Akzent

Theater Akzent values the importance of processing your data in strict confidentiality and in pursuance of the latest data protection provisions.

The purpose of recording and processing your private data is to provide you with the best possible service; furthermore it should allow for making use of our services in the most comfortable way and ensure that the information about the offers of Theater Akzent is provided in the best possible manner.

Our newsletter informs you about the productions and performances taking place at Theater Akzent.

If you want to receive our newsletter you may either register on our website ( under or subscribe to the newsletter directly at our online shop – following registration in the section “Mein Bereich”. To do so, you are asked to enter your first and last name and a valid e-mail address; the data is then stored until further notice. You may cancel the newsletter at any time by following the relevant link or by sending a message to Theater Akzent.

Distribution of our newsletter is carried out by Theater Akzent through the content management system of echonet. For that purpose only your first and last name and your e-mail address are passed on to echonet where the data is stored and processed for the distribution of the newsletter. 

Data you provide when purchasing a ticket is used to implement and settle the contractual service and to meet related legal obligations. This data – personal form of address, title, first name, last name, addition to address, address, telephone number, e-mail address, booked seats as well as type of payment and receipt of payment which is relevant for sales and accounting – is recorded and processed by the ticket sales programme provided by Jet Ticket. We do not store credit card data. The personal data is kept for the duration of the legally prescribed retention period.

In order to purchase a ticket online you have to register. Once registered, you may access your customer account at all times to place an order and/or to change your data.

For your registration we need an e-mail address, the personal form of address, your first and last name, a postal address and a telephone number.
The data is required to identify you when registering for your customer account, to issue tickets and if necessary to send them to you. Your telephone number is needed to be able to reach you for possible inquiries and in the event of an unexpected change of our programme.

Your data will not be passed on to third parties except for those processing the order data with the purpose of meeting contractual obligations when a ticket is purchased on site, by telephone or via our online shop. Credit card data as well as bank account data are processed by Theater Akzent; they are not stored. When purchasing a ticket the customer is immediately directed to QENTA Payment CEE GmbH for cashless payment transactions.

In the case of credit card payment the name of the card holder, the credit card number and the verification code are processed but not stored. Processing is necessary for the purpose of payment in fulfilment of the contract. If you opt for payment by credit card, the data protection rules of QENTA Payment CEE GmbH apply: If you opt for payment via Paypal the data protection rules of Paypal apply:

If you opted for having the tickets sent to you, the service provider commissioned by us (e.g. the postal services) will receive the data (name and address) necessary to fulfil the contract.

Upon request we will send you our monthly programme including performance related information and flyers. The data provided is stored and processed exclusively by Theater Akzent. For revocation please send a message to Theater Akzent:

By mail:
Theater Akzent, 1040 Wien, Argentinierstraße 37,
By e-mail – please click HERE

Our website uses cookies (for the online shop, for Google Maps, You Tube, Facebook etc.). A cookie is a small text file which stores internet settings. Almost all websites use cookie technology. It is downloaded by your internet browser the first time you visit a website. The next time the website is visited from the same terminal, the cookie and the information stored by it will either be sent back to the website which generated it (First Party Cookie) or to another website to which it belongs (Third Party Cookie). The website thereby recognises your browser and will in some cases vary the content displayed.

Furthermore, the website provides links to the social media channels of Theater Akzent on the social media platforms Facebook and YouTube.

We use YouTube to present videos of our productions. Since these videos are embedded on our website by YouTube, watching them could mean that YouTube deposits cookies on your device. By rejecting cookies, the interactive YouTube function may not be available and consequently result in not being able to watch embedded YouTube videos from our website.

Pursuant to the law on data protection, you have the right to free information about your personal data stored by us. If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or if you wish to complete, change or delete your data or object to the storage and usage of your data for advertising purposes, please contact us:

By mail:
Theater Akzent, 1040 Wien, Argentinierstraße 37,
by e-mail: please click HERE

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