Welcome to Theater Akzent

Founded in 1989 by the Chamber of Labour, Theater Akzent is a place for cultural encounters where the interaction with art and culture is regarded as a significant gain in people’s lives. We reach out to spectators of all ages offering them a diverse and varied repertoire of both domestic and international productions of social relevance and artistic quality and with the focus on “experiencing culture” in ways that are multicultural, barrier-free and inclusive.

Our repertoire which includes political cabaret, plays, productions for children and young people, readings, concerts, musicals, festivals, dance performances and intercultural productions seeks to meet many different entertainment needs and places a strong emphasis on artistic and cultural pedagogical contents.

In addition to giving a stage to well-known artists, it is a particular concern of Theater Akzent to promote young talents, to offer them a stage and to function from the start as a space for cultural exchange.

Technically, the house is state-of-the-art providing all the necessary means for unique productions. A particular gem is the iron curtain (“Backstage”) which was designed by Helmut and Johanna Kandl to allow for a glimpse “behind the scenes”.

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