We turn your Event into an Experience!

Akzent is a multifunctional event centre suitable for a whole range of performances and presentations.

The auditorium’s acoustics is ideal for plays, musical shows, cabarets or readings. With its broad seating rows and an equally excellent view from all seats it allows for a large capacity without losing the sense of intimacy. Performances involving parts of the auditorium as an extension of their play area have lifting platforms at their disposal. A powerful video beamer transmits projections from any digital data source and displays them full screen on the opera foil. Shows are supported by state-of-the-art lighting technology and high quality audio equipment providing optimal services with a low demand on rehearsal time. As a location for conferences, festive ceremonies, concerts, presentations or guest performances our house offers a stylish ambience and the support of a professional team.

Rental fees depend on the event’s particular needs.
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